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Favorable Expectations For 2014 Voiced By Experts in First Survey

After generating robust small-balance loan volume last year at historically low interest rates, the question arises as to how the small-balance commercial (SBC) lending landscape is shaping up for 2014. A panel of SBC experts weighed in on an inaugural poll conducted by Boxwood with a range of mostly optimistic views.Read More

Portals Positioning To Tap Small-Cap Crowdfunding Equity

With deregulation of crowdfunding equity raising, several CRE online portal platforms are registering to match project sponsors with accredited - and soon non-accredited - investor capital.Read More

Healthy Demand For Health Clubs

As a wave of big-league stadium and arena developments and expansions moves forward, cities all across the US are also seeing pretty heady growth in a smaller category of athletic facilities: health clubs.Read More

Benchmarking Is Here – But You Needn’t Fear

As energy benchmarking mandates take effect in mostly larger, progressive-minded cities and a few states, some regulations will require properties far smaller than 50,000 sf to report Energy Star ratings.Read More

Top 2012 Small-Balance Investments Feature Lots Of Vacant Real Estate – And Prices Far Below Replacement Costs

A couple of small-cap transactions illustrate that risk-taking by investors was in no short supply during 2012.Read More

STAG REIT Harvests 9 Caps With B Industrial Buys In Smaller Markets

Fast-growing STAG Industrial targets mostly Class B single-tenant industrial buildings in second-tier markets – including lots of small-cap properties. With latest deals coming in at 9 caps, management says the yield premium is well worth the corresponding risks.Read More

Buyers Beware: Bank Branches Going Bye-Bye

Given trends toward banking online and by mobile device, along with likely consolidation in the sector ahead, America will likely see far fewer bank branches as the decade progresses. Read More

Ground Leases Attract Passive Small-Cap Buyers – And Savvy Entrepreneurs As Well

Yields in the 6 percent vicinity attract mostly wealthy individuals paying all-cash for relatively low-risk ground leases. But savvy local experts can also exploit rent bumps and improvement reversion provisions into outsized yields – and with modest positive leverage to boot.Read More

Amid Economic Uncertainty Some Localized Strength

Some job- and absorption-generating green shoots around the country, such as in energy and technology hotbeds, were predictable. Others, including exports and metals manufacturing, have been pleasant surprises. Read More

Attractive Pricing Helps Repurposing Ventures Pencil Out – But Beware Of Costs

Repurposing obsolete small-cap commercial properties into suitable non-residential uses can occasionally make sense even in a tough economy. But the purchase price has to be right – and conversion costs contained. Read More

Will Crowd-Funding Boost Small-Cap Real Estate?

New crowd-funding rules taking effect next year should increase demand from small businesses looking to lease or buy small-cap properties. We’ll likely see a variety of creative real estate investment activity along with crowd-funding, too. Read More

Bright Lights, Small Cities

Recent data suggest investors are becoming more bullish on secondary/tertiary markets than top-tier metros that have captured most of the attention. Read More

Net Lease Sector Likely To See 2012 Boost In Both Supply And Demand

Exchange buyers might join aggressive REITs and others bidding up net leased properties this year - perhaps putting even more pressure on cap rates in today's low-yield interest environment. But at least we might see some more product offered as well. Read More

Epitaph to the Credit Crunch: Small CRE Business Lending Tumbled

Just as the green shoots of CRE lending emerge from the cyclical rubble, a new study quantifies the sizable impact of the recent recession on small CRE and C&I business lending by banks - and validates why Main Street business owners were grumbling for so long. Read More

Has the Recession Really Hit Small-Cap Properties Harder than Trophies?

Although sources confirm that institutional-grade property prices are recovering, an alternative analysis indicates small-cap properties have held their own. Read More

Evergreen Clients Go Green with SBA 504 'Energy Loans'

Since economic stimulus legislation in 2009 provided incentives for small businesses to invest into energy efficiency and other sustainability-minded facility improvements, the Pacific Northwest's biggest so-called Certified Development Company has helped numerous clients go green. Read More

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