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Streamline Appraisal Report

Streamline is a USPAP- and FIRREA-compliant appraisal report shaped to the valuation needs of lenders and investors in the small commercial property space. Streamline is content-rich, abbreviated in overall length and focuses on the performance of the local small cap CRE market surrounding the subject property. The appraisal is currently available in 30+ states.

Streamline is a technology-enhanced appraisal that leverages Boxwood's proprietary small cap CRE data and analytics as well as the firm's highly-automated valuation systems from which the Streamline name is derived.

As a result of our automated platform, Boxwood's appraisal fee is cost effective relative to the size of typical small balance commercial loans.

Streamline is supported by a team of in-house analysts, licensed appraisers and customer support staff that are committed to delivering high-quality appraisals and service at the lowest achievable fee.

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