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Inspection-Related Reports

We offer a series of property valuation reports that include building inspections. In so doing, these reports comply with federal guidelines for a commercial property evaluation widely used by commercial banks. Our property inspections, obtained with either an exterior or combined exterior-interior scope, are the most detailed examinations of the subject property and local market available for commercial evaluations in the industry at large.

The Valpro PC report combines Boxwood's commercial AVM with an inspection, and the market value estimate is "property conditioned," i.e., the value may be adjusted based on the physical state of disrepair and only in cases where the building is in less than "average" condition. Valpro PC is delivered to clients in seven business days and 12 business days with an interior inspection.

Our FieldSmart Collateral Advisor report is a more conventional commercial property evaluation and is available with either the sales comparison approach or combined sales and income approaches. See the FieldSmart page for more information on this product.