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FieldSmart Collateral Advisor

The FieldSmart Collateral Advisor is a commercial evaluation report for lenders and investors that desire a thorough property valuation of small commercial and multifamily assets without having to incur the costs of a full appraisal. FieldSmart reports are reliable, delivered on time and cost-effective. The FieldSmart report series include the following variations:

  FieldSmart - Sales comparison approach to value
  FieldSmart SI - Both the sales comparison and income approaches
  FieldSmart RA - Restricted Appraisal with both sales and income approaches, completed by a state-licensed appraiser

All of these commercial evaluations are distinguished by:

1. In-depth research of the subject property's attributes, as well as sales and rent comps
2. Transparent, line-item detail on adjustments for sales, listings and rent comps
3. Step-by-step analysis of Stabilized and As Is values with the income approach
4. Detailed inspection of the subject building
5. Complete set of visuals (photos, location maps, street maps)

The FieldSmart reports are also compliant with federal agency guidelines for a commercial evaluation and are available nationwide. Our Restricted Appraisal is also USPAP-compliant.

Our commercial evaluations are supported by a team of in-house analysts and appraisers committed to delivering the highest-quality content and best customer service in the industry.

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